e4 employs an innovative suite of proprietary software tools that have been refined over time to consistently enhance and accelerate desired outcomes for complex projects. 

e4 will create a solid foundation for your program using tools developed using LEAN methodology to create simple plans for complex projects. e4’s tools and methodology were developed by experienced healthcare professionals to drive projects efficiently and effectively to provide a transparent, timely and accountable path forward for your team.

e4caster enables executives and decision makers to make quick and precise decisions that result in lower program management costs and higher program success rates.

e4caster® – Simplify the management of complex programs. e4caster® creates a clear, single page, high level summary of data that testifies to the status of work, metrics, timelines, ownership and division of responsibilities. Most information in e4caster® is fed from other sources (typically multiple work plans) including MS Excel, MS Project, eclipse PPM, Orion and other PPM tools.

e4sight™ – This web application enables department managers to easily capture and report workflow productivity data for any work function, especially for health information management settings. A simple front end makes data entry fast and easy and the data collected helps managers understand where their team is spending their time. 

e4analytics – An add-on to e4sight™, this application provides smart query capability into the workflow database. Coding managers use this tool to make decisions based upon information generated using a large array of “what if” scenarios.

e4xporter – Document migration tool used by EDM customers to export their documents to a different image management system such as OnBase. e4xporter can export documents including signature overlays by converting them to a TIF format, or copy document directly when the format is compatible with the target system. Documents can be exported in batches defined by document type and date range. With each batch, e4exporter provides an index file with the metadata for each document.

Utilize e4caster to monitor your organization’s critical KPI’s.

e4playbook Provides content management and access to e4 best practices for a variety of applications and services in the health care industry. The content is stored in Microsoft Word on a SharePoint platform and viewed on PC’s and mobile devices via a web application. The content can be integrated with e4caster for ease of access during the execution of the program.

e4resources – Web application created by e4 to simplify resource allocation across an array of projects in near real-time.

e4designerA tool that dramatically reduces the time and effort to design clinical forms and screens. This tool accelerates development time, improves quality and reduces future re-work by providing builders and end users to design screens and forms in real time.

e4auditor – Auditing tool that assesses EDM systems for issues in many areas including job status, batch folder, reject folder, orphaned encounters, corrupt batches, records completion, etc. e4auditor includes e4 services option to help remediate issues found.

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