Whether your goal is to bring coding in house, outsource it, or utilize a combination of both, e4 will help you implement coding program best practices to optimize your department with our LEAN methodology. e4 employs an expert coding training team which can tailor programs to optimize your coding program for quality, accuracy, and optimal return on investment. We can strengthen your current coding team, or help you develop new internal coding resources that meet your standards for quality and productivity.

Coding Apprenticeship: Customizable 9-month elbow-to-elbow didactic program teaches apprentices to code within your current EMR effectively and efficiently.

Final Sign-off and Quality Auditing: Real-time quality pre-bill review process is tiered to move apprentices through program at the appropriate pace, preparing them for final sign-off. Interactive dashboard tools (e4sight) are employed track coder quality and productivity, providing a deep set of analytics to help you manage your program more effectively.

Coding College: We set up a Coding College Program to help you train, grow and retain your own internal coders that meet your quality standards.

Our proven best practices will produce the best internal coders for your facility, and we make a lasting impact by developing internal programs so you can train and develop your own coders in the future. These savings from our optimization programs compound over time, creating a significant, demonstrable ROI.