Realize the cost and time saving benefits of our leveraged support service model. e4 provides a baseline of support covering break/fix and routine maintenance on a fixed-fee basis, with the ability to increase or decrease support in response to your changing needs. With our on-call cross-training coverage model, one call ensures that application issues will be diagnosed and addressed quickly and comprehensively.

Solution Overview

Comprehensive application support services to help ensure a high-performing, high-quality environment for end-users

Troubleshooting of initial issues for identified applications as reported through Help Desk issue tracking systems

Resolution and/or managing to resolution of all break/fix, maintenance, and support issues for supported applications

Direct communications with your system vendors for inquiries and follow-up

Coordination of both planned and unplanned downtime activities and management

Additional support as needed including change requests, production monitoring, scheduling and other functions


The e4 Difference

Predicting needed levels of support can be an inexact science. Don’t get locked into an application support contract that limits your ability to adapt as needed. e4 structures flexible agreements for legacy, interim or long term application support services so that you can increase or decrease levels of support as your needs change.

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