Case Study: Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Leverages Team Approach to Achieve Successful Technical Dress Rehearsal

Case Study

With the financial investment that accompanies the deployment of EHR software (such as Epic or Cerner), proper planning, coordination and testing is critical to mitigate hardware and device issues at go-live that can impact both end users and patients. A Technical Dress Rehearsal can greatly reduce the number of device related issues encountered during a go live, and help ensure patient care is not impacted by delays in specimen collection, label printing and other critical device needs. A well-run TDR event will ensure that come go-live, hardware issues will be minimal and everyone can focus on patient care and resolving workflow issues.

e4 recently partnered with Wentworth-Douglass Hospital (WDH) to execute a successful TDR.

This case study examines:

  • Considerations for engaging a partner for TDR support and coordination
  • TDR resourcing strategy
  • Critical success factors

Want to learn more about e4’s approach? Contact e4 to schedule a complimentary Technical Dress Rehearsal – Lessons Learned Presentation, where we will dive deeper into the mission-critical factors that can set you on a path to TDR success.

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