e4 Launches 6 New LEAN Engineering Healthcare 2.0 Solution Bots to Support Healthcare Organizations

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare into unprecedented new territory. As a result, new and innovative solutions are needed to support healthcare organizations.

These LEAN Engineered Healthcare 2.0 Solution “Bots” represent services that provide immediate impact in addressing some of the most pressing issues being faced across the healthcare continuum.

e4’s LEAN Engineering Healthcare Version 2.0 Solution Bots

  • e4sight™ Remote Productivity Tracking Software: The ONLY Healthcare-Specific Productivity Tool for Remote Workers, including Billing, Coding, ROI, Data Cleanup & Validation, IT and more.
  • Telehealth Services: Full Telehealth Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization Services
  • Telehealth Patient Help Desk Services: Comprehensive Help Desk Services to Support Telehealth Programs
  • Rapid (<1 Day) Process Improvement Work Sessions: Rapidly Brainstorm and Design new Future State and Action Plans – for any problem
  • Operational Reporting Software Solutions: Custom Reporting Solutions to Support COVID-19 Surge Report Needs
  • Physician Practice Support Services: Customized Solutions to Improve Operations and Profitability

We are ready to step in and assist healthcare organizations in any way possible to improve operations and quality delivery of care.

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