e4 Health, Help, and Hurry Initiative Helps Hospitals Dealing with COVID-19 Business Impacts Adapt to the New Healthcare 2.0


WEST CHESTER, PA. — May 13, 2020 — e4, a leading national provider of healthcare consulting and professional services, announces that it has developed six new LEAN Engineering Healthcare 2.0 Solution Bots to assist healthcare organizations, as part of its “Health, Help and Hurry” initiative.

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“COVID-19 has changed healthcare as we know it – forever,” said Niall Doherty, Co-Founder and President of e4. “Where regulatory initiatives such as HIPAA, the Affordable Care Act and MACRA provided lengthy, dedicated timelines for implementation and adoption, COVID-19 has pushed healthcare organizations forward into an environment of perpetual change, with timelines that need to be met within days. With dozens of clients on the frontlines of the pandemic, e4 has had a front seat view into how the pandemic has disrupted the entire healthcare ecosystem, and we quickly mobilized a support plan, called Health, Help and Hurry.”

First, e4 focused on health, for e4 employees and client communities. e4 launched an employee help drive, jumpstarting a factory to produce masks, and distributing masks, PPE, critical supplies and meals to hospitals across the country. Next, e4 provided help, facilitating a series of educational webinars that highlighted valuable insights from frontline Clinical, IT, Revenue Cycle and HIM experts. The series helped connect hundreds of healthcare providers with timely, relevant information and shareable best practices.

Then, e4 began to hurry – as in the rapid development of new, market-driven solutions that can be delivered within days. Where traditional services can take months – or even years – to develop, six brand new solutions were developed within weeks. These Solution Bots are simple, self-contained, and can be deployed quickly to provide immediate assistance to health systems dealing with the impacts of COVID-19.

“We’ve spent 15 years listening carefully and watching the healthcare market evolve, and we can clearly see that change is now happening at an unprecedented level of speed and scale,” said Doherty.  “With Health, Help and Hurry as our guiding principles, we built our first six Solution Bots to address market needs for what we see as Healthcare 2.0, where change is perpetual and rapid innovation is the key. We have six launched now and the next six are lining up, and we expect this pace to continue as the new reality of Healthcare 2.0.”

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To learn more, visit www.e4-services.com/bots.

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