12 New Hospitals add e4sight™ for Remote Worker Productivity Tracking

productivity data

e4 is proud to announce that 12 new sites have chosen to move forward with e4sight™ for HIM and Coding user productivity tracking, optimization, and management.  With hospital budgets being tightened/reduced, e4’s free trial program has allowed healthcare organizations to improve and evaluate their operations with no capital outlay.   

These facilities have been able to obtain detailed productivity data (that EHR and Coding Systems aren’t able to provide) to help manage their operations more effectively, including functions in Prep/Scan/QC, Coding, ROI, CDI and Director/Lead tasks.

e4sight™ can import and display data from both manual and electronic sources to provide one clear picture of your entire department’s productivity.

With hospital departments being challenged to do more with less, now is the perfect time to optimize your operations.

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