15 New Hospitals add e4sight® for Remote Worker Productivity Tracking

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Hospitals Using e4sight® for Productivity Gathering, Monitoring, and Reporting

WEST CHESTER, PA. — December 2, 2020 — As the effects of COVID-19 continue to weigh on hospital budgets, healthcare organizations are looking for new and creative ways to improve operations and productivity. e4, a leading national provider of healthcare consulting and professional services, announces that 15 new hospitals have employed e4sight®, e4’s Remote Worker Productivity Tool for HIM and Coding user productivity tracking, optimization and management.

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“With the transition to remote work, organizations have been challenged with how to monitor productivity. Unfortunately, most productivity tools are limited in not being able to digest reports from both manual and electronic sources or compare to defined productivity standards.” said Mike Brensinger, RHIA, CPHQ, Co-Founder of e4. “We built e4sight® as a vendor-agnostic tool that can capture productivity data for any work function to provide one clear picture of an entire department’s productivity”.

“We built e4sight® as a vendor-agnostic tool that can capture productivity data for any work function to provide one clear picture of an entire department’s productivity.”

— Mike Brensinger, RHIA, CPHQ, Co-Founder, e4

At Lehigh Valley Health Network, the Release of Information (ROI) team has been able to use e4sight® to drill down into productivity, adjust and track functions to account for all measurable processes, and identify opportunities for operational improvement. “Prior to using e4sight®, we tracked our HIM ROI productivity on spreadsheets that needed manual intervention to aggregate the data,” said Donna Jurado, RHIA, CRIS, HIM Network Manager, Release of Information. “In using spreadsheets, I found it quite difficult to see trends or across the board changes or needs. With e4sight®, the end users in ROI love it because it is so much easier to enter their volumes and times, and they can also see their own productivity over time. As a manager, there is nothing better than being able to see the production of the team as a whole or broken down by person or task. The available graphs and comparisons have helped me to assess staffing needs and really dive into what is taking up staff time. We are learning to increase efficiencies as a result.”

Other facilities are taking advantage of the versatile nature of e4sight® to improve various areas of their operations. One such hospital has implemented e4sight® for HIM Department productivity tracking, using it to track functions in Prep/Scan/QC, Coding, ROI, CDI and Director/Lead tasks in order to gain better insights and make more effective decisions. Another has employed e4sight® to evaluate the productivity of their eMPI remediation team, and utilized the detailed reports to monitor productivity, make necessary improvements, and move the project forward.

With flexible terms and 1-week installation, e4sight® is a perfect solution for healthcare organizations that need a simple, effective solution installed quickly.

To learn more and to request a complimentary demo of e4sight, visit https://www.e4-services.com/e4sight

About e4:
e4 is a leading national healthcare consulting and professional services company providing IT, Revenue Cycle, Clinical Optimization, HIM, CDI, and Coding solutions. e4 also specializes in complex program and change management, and uses LEAN and proprietary engineered software to maximize outcomes and efficiencies. To learn more, visit https://www.e4-services.com

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