e4 and Intellis Team Up at AHIMA 2022

The e4 and Intellis teams collaborated to put together an attention-grabbing experience at the 2022 AHIMA Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

When the opening ceremony kicked off Sunday evening, conference attendees were greeted by a centered putting green that displayed the year’s biggest HIM industry update: e4 and Intellis have combined to become the nation’s premier HIM and coding solutions provider.

An immediate buzz surrounded the booth, and the message was received loud and clear as people lined up for a chance to make putts for giveaway entries.

An Event to Remember

To celebrate this merging of these two companies, e4 and Intellis hosted a client appreciation party at Nada. With more than one hundred clients, customers, and team members in attendance, the atmosphere was buzzing with plenty of laughs and hugs, good conversations, and great vibes.

The e4 and Intellis teams thank everyone for coming out, and both groups could not be more excited to provide HIM and coding solutions as one unified team!