E/M Tables & Tip Sheets Now Available!

Significant E/M changes went into effect on January 1st! We have the E/M resources you need to be prepared! Our E/M MDM Tables and Tip Sheets are now available! What’s included?

MDM Tables (8 total)

There is an individual MDM (Medical Decision Making) table for ALL the 2023 categories that now utilize the new method of determining the level of service:

  1. OV/Other Outpatient Services
  2. Emergency Department
  3. Nursing Facility – Initial
  4. Nursing Facility – Subsequent
  5. Hospital Inpatient/Observation – Initial
  6. Hospital Inpatient/Observation – Subsequent
  7. Consults – Inpatient & Outpatient
  8. Home/Residence – New & Established Patients

Additional Tip Sheets include (12 total)

There are 3 key elements used in MDM (Problems Addressed, Data and Risk – double sided tip sheets for each).  Also, tip sheets on Time and the categories in E/M that use Time (two double sided) and Prolonged Time (double sided):

  • Problems Addressed – definitions and key takeaways (one double sided tip sheet)
  • Data – definitions and key takeaways (one double sided tip sheet)
  • Risk — definitions and key takeaways (one double sided tip sheet)
  • Time – Office Visits and Prolonged Time [99417 – commercial vs G2212 – CMS] (one double sided tip sheet)
  • Time – all remaining categories (Inpatient/Obs, Nursing Facility, Consults, Home/Residence and key takeaways from Time) (one double sided tip sheet)
  • Prolonged Services & time thresholds for G codes from CMS (one double sided tip sheet)