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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare into unprecedented new territory. As a result, new and innovative solutions are needed to support healthcare organizations.

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These LEAN Engineered Healthcare 2.0 Solution “Bots” represent services that provide immediate impact in addressing some of the most pressing issues being faced across the healthcare continuum. And as more solutions move through development, they will be added to this page.

e4 LEAP – LEAN Engineering Agile Programs - Establish LEAP 1

Improve Transparency and Accountability of Your Entire Portfolio of Projects Within 30 Days

LEAP 1 is a 30-Day Sprint that brings visibility to your existing portfolio projects and standardizes how your project status and health is measured. We deploy portfolio management solutions and services and work with your PMO team for adoption of LEAN project health reporting.

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Project Management Dashboard
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Mobile and Web Application Saves Time and Reduces Costs by Optimizing the Management of your Organizational Device Inventory

e4devices™ can optimize your device inventory, creating a seamless, organized system for all IT and portable clinical devices in your network.  

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Coding and Auditing Value-Added Package

Achieve Significant Cost Savings While Ensuring the Highest Levels of Quality and Productivity

We are offering this free, value-added package for any new client that takes advantage of our rock bottom coding services rates for e4’s 100% domestic coding services, delivered by our deeply experienced (10+ years average), fully onshore W-2 expert coding team, who deliver the highest levels of coding productivity and quality. These credentialed and certified coding consultants are agile and share a variety of skill sets in ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT and HCPCS.    

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Coding Package
Text to Reschedule 1

Text to Reschedule

Simplify and Automate the Rescheduling of Patient Appointments

e4’s Text to Reschedule solution allows practices to prioritize which cases get rescheduled first, or control when the patient reschedules. By automating this process, administrative staff is freed up to focus on important tasks to improve operations.  

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Text to Pay - Mobile Payment Solution

Mobile Payment Solution Increases Revenue Collection While Improving Patient Satisfaction and Convenience

Text to Pay is a best-in-class solution to assist provider organizations who are looking to layer mobile payment technology into their operations. With no mobile app required, this frictionless solution eases the burden on billing departments, reducing phone call volume and costly paper mail.  

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text to pay

LEAN Supplies - Cost Reduction Toolkit

Use LEAN and e4 tools to rapidly identify and leverage ‘low hanging fruit’ in the exercise of reducing healthcare supplies cost

Leverage LEAN work sessions and e4’s experience in identifying cost reduction opportunities for supplies to immediately save your organization money.  

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e4sight™ – Remote Worker Productivity Tool

The ONLY Healthcare-Specific Productivity Tool for Remote Workers, including Billing, Coding, ROI, Data Cleanup & Validation, IT and more.

e4sight™ is a simple web application that enables department managers to easily capture and report productivity data for any work function, both remote or onsite. By analyzing trends of productive vs. non-productive time; you can quickly intervene and remove barriers to productivity. With a fast, simple install and an easily configurable design, e4sight is a perfect solution for healthcare organizations that need a simple, effective solution installed quickly.  

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e4sight productivity

Telehealth Optimization

Full Telehealth Evaluation, Implementation, Optimization Services

e4 provides services to assist organizations with accelerating start-up, expanding existing services, and optimizing their telehealth programs independent of the telehealth technology chosen. We can help you create a robust telehealth program comprised of offerings that utilize a variety of technologies and that will provide your patients with a range of remote services. 

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Telehelp Patient Help Desk

Technology coaching and support services to help patients complete their virtual visits

The success of your Telehealth program for your patients and care providers will be predicated on the ease of use and reliability of your telehealth process. We will preview your upcoming telehealth appointment schedule and proactively call each patient to make sure the patient has the appropriate technology (phones, WIFI, applications, versions, etc.) and are comfortable using it prior to the appointment.

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Telehealth Desk
Process Improvement

Rapid (<1 Day) a3 Process Improvement Work Sessions

Rapidly Brainstorm and Design new Future State and Action Plans – for any problem

Need a very quick way to immediately make process changes and align around action? Try e4’s approach using LEAN a3 work sessions (no prior LEAN experience required)! The sessions typically take 4-8 hours and e4 has done hundreds of them to date. Fast and aligned, with no prep work required – perfect for the rapid changes being dictated by COVID-19 – and part of the journey to Healthcare 2.0! 

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COVID-19 Rapid Reporting Services

Custom Solutions to Support COVID-19 Surge Reporting Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a growing need for reporting, to capture everything from patient information to equipment and supply usage. However, as many organizations have focused on surge preparations, the need for reporting is often not factored in until it is too late. e4’s expert data analysts can provide baseline specifications, and work to capture client-specific data elements and provide custom reports with rapid turnaround time. 

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Reporting Services
Physician Practice

Physician Practice Reconfiguration

Customized Solutions to Improve Operations and Profitability

e4 employs LEAN tools and methods to drive physician practice and provider projects efficiently. We deliver transparency, timeliness and accountability for all ambulatory initiatives. From revenue cycle, clinical and office operations to billing, coding and clinical workflow, e4 is your partner for ongoing support.

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Additional Resources

e4 has been working collectively to bring education and resources to the healthcare community. We will continue to provide content and information here.

e4 COVID-19 Conversations: Perspectives from Frontline Clinical, IT, HIM and Revenue Cycle Leaders

This webinar discussion focused on the impacts of COVID-19 on healthcare operations and how leading healthcare institutions have been responding. Our speakers provided context on what their organizations have seen, and what operational measures they have taken and continue to employ to combat the effects of COVID-19. 

Marc Chasin, MD, MMM, CPE, CPHIMS, CHCIO, FCHIME, Chief Health Information Officer, Westchester Medical Center
Jeff Hinkle, CRCE-I, Vice President, Patient Financial Services, Lehigh Valley Health Network

COVID Conversations

Operational Change Management Strategies

When implementing any new strategy or technology, the success of the initiative can often be traced back to the organization’s use of effective change management. Proper OCM strategies can ensure that the right resources and processes are in place to effectively transition to the desired future state at a planned pace.

Drawn from the e4 and DataBank joint webinar “Maximizing Your HIT Investments with Organizational Change Management”, this video segment features OCM best practices and healthcare case studies from Niall Doherty, e4 President and Co-Founder.

eMPI Remediation Best Practices

Duplicate medical records can have costly financial implications, while also posing a significant threat to patient safety. However, some duplicate medical record reports may only show a small piece of the problem.

e4 recently partnered with NextGate to present “Best Practices for Remediating and Maintaining Your eMPI“. The presentation focuses on strategies to effectively remediate and maintain your eMPI to ensure a clean, accurate eMPI going forward.

Learn more about e4’s eMPI Remediation Services here.