Clinical Revenue Cycle

CRC - e4 Denials Management Plan

e4 uses a broad approach to denials to identify and remediate root cause issues.

Even the best prepared organizations can have issues with denials. Experts predict that a 50-200% increase in denials could be on the horizon for our clients. While denials can happen for a multitude of reasons, they create many downstream impacts such as: staff productivity, cash flow, and write offs.


e4 approaches Denials from a broader perspective than basic RCM companies. e4 has proven expertise in Clinical Documentation Improvement, HIM and Coding, Revenue Cycle, Program Management and IT to drive and achieve complex initiatives.

  • e4 CDI Specialists lead clinical denials management teams forward to resolve root cause of clinical documentation denials
  • e4 Custom Edit setups and staff augmentation allow for expedited pre-bill review on high risk cases
  • Data visualization of metrics via e4 CRC Dashboard
  • Certified e4 coders are part of Denials Management Analytics Team and review and communicate how coding and documentation influence denials