COVID-19 Funding Awareness, Preservation and Protection Dashboards and Tools

COVID-19 funding is subject to significant oversight and scrutiny by regulatory and enforcement agencies, and non-compliance with any of the terms or conditions may lead to recoupment of funds.

Protect your received COVID-19 funding with our proven methodology! e4’s software and tools can help your organization create an appropriate framework in which key stakeholders and executives have visibility to the status of compliance with the terms and conditions for the various funding sources, that appropriate internal controls have been tested, as well having the assurance that the appropriate supporting documentation is accounted for and available on demand for any operational or audit related activities. 

e4 Software Provides Transparency and Organization to your COVID-19 Funding Program:

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS TRACKING: Track the overall progress of your COVID-19 program to improve visibility and transparency of program status and audit preparedness.

FUNDING TIMELINE: Improve awareness of the value of funds received and not received, and the associated funding timelines.

PROGRAM HEALTH MONITORING: Improve awareness of the status of testing and monitoring, and generate printable program status report with one click.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: e4 will ensure proper documentation collaboration, security, auditing, access and retention with your team to review the options, costs, and pros and cons of each option to select the best fit. e4 can set up the architecture of the data, including security and reporting.

e4’s Awareness, Preservation and Protection tools provide:

  • Improved visibility of the status of understanding or terms & conditions with various funding sources
  • Transparency to the status of documentation to support compliance with terms & conditions
  • Awareness to the status of testing and monitoring done
  • Better confidence in audit preparedness and compliance