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Welcome to the Annual e4 HIM Professional Insights Survey!

As a result of new and existing client relationships and suggestions, e4 has seen growth for the 7th straight year! In order to help us continue to innovate and supply the services/solutions that you require as an HIM leader, we would appreciate 1 minute of your time to share your thoughts on the attached survey.  Upon your completion, you will be entered into our holiday drawing for one of three $50 Amazon gift cards.  Additionally, we will provide all registrants with these report insights. All feedback is anonymous, and personal information will not be shared.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Provider documentation being placed into your EHR is accurate and meets quality standards.
I'm comfortable in being able to access/run productivity reporting and trend analysis with existing EHR/other internal systems.
Very UnlikelyUnlikelyNeutralLikelyVery Likely
HIM Department Assessment
Perform an eMPI Cleanup
CDI Program Assessment
External Coding Quality Audit