LEAN Supplies Cost Reduction Toolkit

supplies on wood

Use LEAN and e4 tools to rapidly identify and leverage ‘low hanging fruit’ in the exercise of reducing healthcare supplies cost

Leverage LEAN work sessions and e4’s experience in identifying cost reduction opportunities for supplies to immediately save your organization money.

This accelerated version of a typically extensive exercise has the following characteristics:

  • e4 industry experts on industry supplies cost will use proprietary worksheets, databases and tools to eliminate guess work and quickly identify opportunities
  • e4 LEAN facilitators will establish rapid work groups and work sessions to get aligned on prioritized opportunities and action plans
  • Work groups will be identified based on opportunities with the highest return for the least effort. Other opportunities will be documented but deferred.
  • e4 is willing to go at risk and share in the profits of the exercise

The LEAN process is as follows: 

  • Data collection
  • Establish program governance, accountability & timeline
  • Data analysis and opportunity classification and graphing (identify the low hanging fruit) using e4 tools
  • LEAN workshops (2 hours each) – 1 per opportunity – completed with alignment and action plan established using e4 facilitators
  • Track and support each work team until savings are realized using e4 tools for work and metrics tracking (e4caster®)
  • Share savings once realized
  • Governance body decides on additional work team efforts if applicable