e4 LEAN Engineering is our version of LEAN. Our blend of LEAN thinking and proprietary software tools can optimize any initiative.

 e4 LEAN Engineering is based on utilizing proven, repeatable processes to achieve an on-time, on-budget initiative. We employ LEAN Governance, a3’s, Kaizens, Blueprints and industry-leading program management and visibility software (e4caster®) to eliminate waste, accelerate timelines and reduce overall expenses. 


Our clients start projects fast and finish faster, because we empower them with every lesson, shortcut and strategy from our constantly-evolving LEAN Engineering Playbooks. These Playbooks are full of tactics, pre-built templates and LEAN tools. These tools have been enhanced through extensive trial and error to help you avoid common program roadblocks and pitfalls! 

Our proprietary LEAN Engineering Dashboards increase stakeholder accountability by providing complete visibility into the program, enabling leadership to make well-informed decisions about readiness. Utilize our pre-built workplans and templates to improve productivity and accelerate milestone completion.

Bring a little LEAN to your next project. You don’t need to be a LEAN expert to incorporate LEAN Engineering.

Share your latest challenge below. We’ll send you a template that can help.