eMPI Ongoing Maintenance Services

Medical Record Remediation

Maintaining a clean, accurate eMPI is critical to support quality delivery of care and ongoing HIM operations. However, this ongoing maintenance requires significant bandwidth and attention from internal staff, and even then, system limitations may prevent staff from identifying and remediating the true, full number of duplicates, leading to an increased duplicate medical record rate.

e4 provides eMPI remediation and data governance support as an ongoing managed service, helping clients maintain data integrity and ensure a clean, accurate eMPI. By using the latest cutting-edge technology, e4 is able to identify the true full scope of duplicates, and remediate them quickly to ensure a clean eMPI going forward.


Ongoing eMPI

eMPI Provided

  • Client eMPI provided to e4
  • eMPI file uploaded into secure cloud

Ongoing Remediation and Data Governance

  • Remediation completed in your system or ours
  • Utilize all credentialed, onshore W2 employees

Reporting and Analytics

  • Quality and productivity reporting
  • Record merging status
  • Duplicate medical record rate

Innovative technology solutions have changed the way eMPI maintenance can be completed. It’s now more important than ever for facilities to capture the quality and time-saving benefits now available to improve their data integrity. For a cost-effective, fixed monthly fee, organizations can count on the following:

  • Reduction of the number of costly, problematic duplicates
  • Ability to free up staff to focus on more valuable, mission-critical initiatives
  • Assurance of a clean eMPI and effective data governance strategy

Contact e4 today to learn how eMPI ongoing maintenance services can help your organization tackle your duplicate medical record issues head-on.