CDI Services


LEAN, collaborative methodology to dramatically improve revenue realization.

e4 approaches CDI services with critical importance on quality, a collaborative approach to understanding the importance of capturing clinical documentation specificity, and a consultative approach to overall organizational performance improvement initiatives.

e4’s team of CDI experts have constructed, grown and optimized some of the most effective CDI programs in the country. By utilizing LEAN methodologies such as Kaizen CDI Program a3’s, CDI Value Stream Mapping and Blueprints and more, e4 is able to help maximize the efficiency of your CDI program with proven best practices. From interim management to elbow-to-elbow training, physician adviser mentorship, quality measure abstraction and auditing, e4 provides broad suite of CDI service offerings.

Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Insuffcient CDI processes e4‘s CDI subject matter expertise and specialists will identify gaps in your CDI process and quantify missed opportunities around CC/MCC, SOI/ROM, conflicting documentation clarifications, non-compliant queries and incorrect working DRG or PDx Assignments.
Poor clinical documentation as a result of clinician adoption and training Elbow-to-elbow coaching for clinicians to improve documentation with real-time support and remediate EMR issues related to code mappings and templates.
Under-trained CDI staffe4 provides Guided Clinical Mentorship to provide a catalyst for strengthening CDI acumen and grow CDI specialists. Our subject matter experts will coach and develop your staff in real-time to get them accurate and productive quickly.
Undefined CDI workflow and processes e4 can standup a new CDI program from scratch or re-boot an existing program using our LEAN CDI methodology. Through a process of developing a governance structure, program blueprint, a3’s and metric dashboards, e4 provides the foundation for a well-tuned and high-performance CDI program.

Does your facility need a CDI Program Assessment?

e4 will conduct pre-assessment research and analysis, perform the assessment and provide assessment findings, recommendations and opportunities related to your CDI program. Contact e4 to learn more.

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