CDI Program Architecture, Management & Optimization

CDI Program 1

e4 can stand up a new CDI program from scratch, or reboot an existing program using our LEAN CDI methodology.

Through a process of developing a LEAN Governance structure, program blueprint, a3’s and metrics dashboards, e4 provides the foundation for a well-tuned and high-performance CDI program. This includes identification of gaps in CDI processes and missed opportunities around CC/MCC, SOI/ROM, conflicting documentation clarification, non-copliant queries and incorrect working DRG or PDx Assignments.

Improve clinician adoption and training with e4’s elbow-to-elbow coaching for clinicians, which improves documentation with real-time support, to remediate EMR issues related to code mappings and templates. e4  also provides a Guided Clinical Mentorship, which is designed to strengthen CDI acumen and grow CDI Specialists. Our subject matter experts will coach and develop your staff in real-time to quickly improve their accuracy and productivity.