Guided Clinical Mentorship with Provider Training and Education


e4 developed the Guided Clinical Mentorship (GCM) to help clients quickly develop and deploy leading CDI programs with internal talent.

Whether a nursing or HIM model is deployed, the resource pool is equally tight for experienced CDI Specialists. Alternatively, the cost and time horizon associated with training CDI Specialists from scratch is daunting. e4’s program differs from CDI boot camps or other vendor-led CDI training programs in that the curriculum is compressed and delivered didactically over 3 days and novices are mentored quickly into their roles by a highly experienced CDI mentor.

GCM Chart

Why Does GCM Work? There are several reasons why the GCM approach delivers consistently to our clients:

  1. The CDI Core Curriculum is a complete and fully referenced compendium for CDI. It covers every element of the CDI process with a focus on applying the concepts in practice rapidly for best information retention.
  2. e4 experts help identify the best candidates possible for the program in the candidate pool.
  3. Our CDI Mentors are both clinicians and HIM professionals that drive towards ensuring that both clinical concepts and coding guidelines are applied in the CDI process.

How Do You Track Success? A CDI Outcomes Summary Dashboard is produced monthly for each novice in the program, as well as in aggregate to demonstrate the organizations value proposition. The use of the dashboard is “hard wired” into the CDI review process so the novices grow accustomed to entering the working DRG information into a simple user interface for tracking. There is no software to purchase, and if the client is using a CDI or Coding Software solutions already, e4 can incorporate it into the design of the GCM.


Program Attributes: e4 was engaged to set up a CDI Program at a 600 bed acute care medical center in southern New Jersey. The medical center did not have a CDI program or any CDI software. Six RNs were recruited from within the organization and participated in e4’s Guided Clinical Mentorship program.

90 Day Program Outcomes:

  • 100% pass rate of novices
  • Approximately $500,000 revenue impact attributable to CDI within first 90 days of program initiation
  • Percent of CDI Reviews Resulting in a Query: 36%
  • CMI Impact: .38 Improvement
  • SOI/ROM Impact: 23% of cases with improvement of at least 1 level