Coding Services


Industry-leading quality and productivity to drive financial and organizational performance improvement.

e4 approaches coding services with critical importance on quality, a collaborative approach to understanding the importance of capturing clinical documentation specificity, and a consultative approach to overall organizational performance improvement initiatives. e4 takes pride in retaining an experienced, 100% USA-based AHIMA and AAPC certified coding team with extensive knowledge across a variety of service areas to ensure we provide the best quality coding in the country. e4 complements our client’s HIM staff members’ core knowledge and skills, with e4’s ability to provide knowledge/expertise in the following areas: IT, Revenue Cycle, Coding/CDI and Clinical domains. Additionally, e4’s consultants assigned to our clients will bring industry best practice expertise that has been garnered from our engagements across the nation. The e4 approach is what sets us apart from other coding vendors and makes our customers’ initiatives successful.

  • Inpatient and Observation Coding
  • Emergency Department and Urgent Care Coding (Facility and ProFee)
  • Ancillary Coding
  • Clinics (i.e. Wound Care, Infusions, Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy, PT/OT, etc.)
  • Ambulatory Surgery (SDS) Coding (including Cardiac Caths, GI Studies, and Interventional Radiology)
  • Physician Practice Coding, including E&M and CPT
  • Medical Oncology

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of third-party payer policies, edits, and similar factors contributing to proper reimbursement. Additionally, we have strong working knowledge on a variety of Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms and applications (e.g., Epic and Cerner). e4 has extensive experience and success working remotely on a defined schedule and with minimal supervision. Our passion for continued education ensures our team is current, collaborative, and flexible, contributing to optimal customer support services as the healthcare landscape changes.

Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Inability to hire qualified, certified coding staffe4‘s team of senior coding consultants are available for interim coding management positions and/or help guide your organization towards establishing a coding apprenticeship program which attracts novice coders to an opportunity for professional advancement, teaches hospital specific systems and workflow, emphasizes the importance of coding guidelines, documentation, and case mix index (CMI) specific to the facility, and establishes loyalty and retention of staff.
Shortage in staffing to support coding services (i.e. EHR implementation, etc)Many organizations are faced with staffing challenges due to the implementation of EHRs or similar. e4’s team of experienced coding specialists will support the transition by providing qualified, certified team members to eliminate coding backlog and/or address the increase in revenue cycle edits/account review.
Increased focus on qualitye4’s team of senior coding consultants takes great pride in the quality of the coding services provided. The e4 team will identify gaps in coding/documentation, and provide educational opportunities for strengthening any disparities across team members including, but not limited to, coders, CDI specialists, and providers, including education on and capture of severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROI) when appropriate.

e4 possesses the experience and resultant success of handling large volume organizations, coupled with the need to meet stringent quality expectations.   e4’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction translates into an established team standard for DRG and coding quality accuracy of 95% or higher. Our passion for continued education ensures our team is current, collaborative, and flexible, contributing to optimal customer support services as the healthcare landscape changes. And, unlike many overly large companies who do not present a face or sole point person for coding services, e4 gives the personal human connection of a relationship with our staff even during a remote-based operation. This leads to the best customer service possible, and we’re proud to know that our customers can know we’re there at a moment’s notice.

e4 has evolved following the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS, and we have restructured our coding offerings to be more flexible and cost-efficient. Watch the video below to learn how we have adapted and hear what our clients are saying about our approach.