Coding Productivity Management


Proprietary software and proven methodology to help track and manage coding productivity.

For many organizations, tracking coding productivity can be a laborious exercise, especially for outfits that contract with multiple coding support vendors. However, smart organizations realize that tracking productivity data is the best way to make informed decisions that improve the quality, productivity and return on investment of their coding enterprise.

As industry leaders in providing the highest level of coding quality and productivity, we know what it takes to provide the results leading healthcare organizations are looking for. A big key to this success is utilizing tools that help track and manage productivity. e4sight™ is a proprietary Quality and Productivity Dashboard that enables management to gain detailed insight into coding productivity. By analyzing trends of productive vs. non-productive time, you can quality intervene and remove barriers to productivity. This tool can be utilized to provide an unbiased analysis of all your coding resources, so you can make a data-driven determination of what coders (and/or vendors) are providing you with the best quality and value to your organization.

Key Components

  • Capture productivity data for any coding category
  • Monitor by user, team and by department
  • Track analytics over time to identify trends
  • Improve awareness of areas needing improvement