COVID-19 Auditing

Ensure that all regulations are met, and all incentives are secured.

Between everchanging payment incentives, federal regulations and coding guidance, COVID-19 has created increased complexity that can impact coding accuracy which can have a tremendous impact on reimbursement, compliance, and data accuracy. It is critical that your organization’s coders and coding vendors are employing the most up to date practices to ensure that all regulations are met, and all incentives are secured.

e4 will audit a sample of clinical records, evaluate the adequacy and completeness of the documentation, review the codes that have been assigned, and recommend any opportunities related to the code assignment or documentation. Individual detailed patient opportunities reports will be provided, which include code assignment findings, general documentation opportunities, and auditor recommendations.

e4 audits include use of e4auditor™, e4’s proprietary coding quality auditing software. e4 will provide a database of audited records, along with real-time, on demand, filtered dashboards and exportable results. This versatile coding quality auditing tool provides reimbursement and coding summary information, and allows simple search for specific encounters and access recommended educational opportunities.

e4auditor™ allows coding auditors to enter record findings while tracking real time accuracy rates and metrics with drilldown on-demand reporting. The tool also tracks all code and DRG changes.