Physician Practice Coding Services

Data Abstraction

Solutions to increase reimbursement, reduce denials, and improve overall practice profitability.

e4’s expert staff will evaluate the gaps in your current coding approach and use proven best practices to develop a proactive strategy to achieve increased reimbursements and reduced denials.

Are you at risk for leaving money on the table? Do you know your coding accuracy rate? We are finding that with incorrect coding, copy and paste issues and a lack of understanding of coding guidelines for ICD-10-CM, CPT, and E&M level assignments, many physician practices do not even know what revenue they are missing out on. Mitigate risk associated with reimbursement and denials using e4’s simple solutions.

Traditional Challenges

The e4 Solution

Shortage in staffing to support coding needse4 Coding Services: e4’s qualified, certified coding consultants will apply their extensive knowledge of all levels of medical and surgical coding and reimbursement to meet your coding needs.
Increased denials and inaccurate reimbursement e4 Auditing Services:  e4 credentialed staff will conduct an analysis of your current coding operation to hone in on what is being coded against that which is clinically documented. We will identify current gaps and deliver an executive summary with recommendation for improvements.
Workflow inefficiencies e4 Workflow Optimization Services: e4 credentialed staff will complete an assessment of current state operations, and document areas for optimal performance improvement.
Increased emphasis on ICD-10 specificitye4 Physician and Coder Education: e4 will implement the recommended improvements from our coding audit using an elbow to elbow approach to physician education, with a focus on improving clinical documentation and coding practices.