Clinical & Patient Flow Services

Clinical Services

Enhancing optimal patient outcomes through our suite of professional clinical services.

e4’s team of clinical informatics and analytic experts combined with innovative tools help our clients optimize clinical workflows, reduce documentation time, improve clinical quality scores and ensure optimal clinical outcomes.

From Clinical System Design & Implementation to Patient Flow Optimization and Provider Documentation Training, e4 employs a full suite of clinical support services to support your enterprise. e4 specializes in customizing programs that utilize LEAN principles, leading to more effective programs and improved provider adoption.  And by employing innovations such as real-time screen and form builders, a LEAN Workflow Engine Office, Program Management & Metrics dashboards and much more, e4 is able to rapidly improve efficiency and clinical program outcomes.


Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Costly system implementations, optimizations and upgrades with unforeseen scope of work changes and lack of projects accountability.e4caster® Program Dashboard provides transparency and accountability around complex projects; eliminating gaps and aligning stakeholders while reducing program management time as much as 40%.
Lengthy timelines for design of forms and screens and difficulty obtaining clinical buy-in for user interface.e4designer® allows your builders to create post-production forms and screens on-demand with your end users to eliminate re-work and accelerate design time by 75%.
Lack of end user adoption leading to loss of revenue through uncaptured procedures and risks to your quality metrics.Our experienced consultants bring with them all of the lessons learned from design through training to make sure your project is smooth from start to finish. We focus on assessment, gap analysis, process improvement and change management.
Inability to track clinical quality metrics indicators that may be adversely affecting hospital profitabilityBy combining our clinical experts and innovative tools, we are able to define, assess, track and correct clinical data metrics before it is a problem.

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