Complex Program Management

LEAN Engineering 4 Step

LEAN, innovative, results-oriented approach to achieve transparency and accountability.

Imagine having 100% enterprise-wide transparency and accountability to guide team members, stakeholders, departments, and executive staff for every project.

Utilizing innovations such as PM Dashboards (e4caster®), LEAN Techniques, One-Page Program Blueprints, Program Metrics Dashboards and Outcomes-Driven Workplans, e4 takes a LEAN, innovative, results-oriented approach to program and project management.

Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Unclear goals, missed, or unaligned expectations.The e4 Blueprint and Dashboard approach clarifies and aligns goals at the outset, and directs focus on outcomes for the duration of every project.
Delays, surprises, cost over-runs, wasted resources.Using LEAN Governance with status and metrics dashboards, accountability and status transparency become the keystones around which complex programs are organized and managed.
Missed work, redundant work, unexpected costs.The e4 program management approach uses LEAN to eliminate waste, align teams and stakeholders through easily accessible dashboards, and persistently aligns resources to common goals and outcomes.
Inconsistent methodologies. e4‘s standard approach to program and project management provides the groundwork for repeatable and consistent project outcomes, ultimately lowering costs while increasing success rates.

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