Remote Worker Productivity Tool

Improve productivity tracking and visualization of all departmental work functions, including Coding, ROI, CDI, Prep/Scan/QC and more.

Still using spreadsheets or paper-based systems to track worker productivity?

With the rise of remote work, many organizations are finding themselves in a position where team members are working remotely without adequate tools to monitor staff productivity. As remote working becomes prolonged, productivity tracking and reporting will become even more critical to management and leadership.

e4sight Productivity Website

e4sight® is a unique web application productivity tool designed for remote and onsite staff productivity gathering and reporting, allowing managers to easily capture and report productivity data for any work function. The tool is 100% customizable to capture productivity and data for work tasks and functions completed in your department, including HIM, Billing, ROI, Data Clean-Up & Validation, IT, and more.

e4sight® can import and display data from both manual and electronic sources, compare data to productivity standards and provide robust qualitative analysis of your key metrics.

e4sight® is a perfect solution for healthcare organizations that need a simple, effective solution installed quickly.


e4sight productivity
  • Increased visibility into productivity for your department, supporting staff across the enterprise regardless of physical location.
  • e4sight® allows productivity to be reported as a function against pre-determined productivity standards, eliminating the need for disparate data compilation for decision making and reporting.

A simple front end makes data entry fast and easy, and the data collected helps managers understand where their team is spending their time. Capture productivity data for any function, monitor by user, team and by department, and track analytics over time to identify trends and improve awareness of areas needing improvement.

Best of all – we can work with your team to quickly bootstrap e4sight®, with the supporting governance, planning, tracking and decision making – all done in one week!