EHR and Clinically-Driven Revenue Cycle Architecture, Implementation, Optimization and Staffing

EHR Conversion Support

Proven, LEAN approach to ensure operationally proficient implementation programs that protect charges, cash, and AR.

As a full-service firm, we can provide services for all program phases, including architecture, implementation, optimization and staffing, with specialization in Cerner and Epic installations.

Program Architecture: For more than a decade, e4 has specialized in establishing LEAN Governance Models that provide executive leadership with complete visibility into programs, enabling them to make well-informed, rapid decisions, reducing the time it takes to achieve project milestones.  Utilized in conjunction with e4’s proprietary Program and Change Management and Visibility software (e4caster®), this program architecture is proven to reduce program roadblocks and accelerate critical decision making time and time again.

Implementation: To increase the likelihood of an on-time, on-budget initiative, e4 provides our clients with all the learning, tools and tactics from previously successful conversion projects. These LEAN Engineering Playbooks combine LEAN software and methods which are proven to drive projects efficiently to provide a transparent, timely and accountable path forward for your team and your vendor. Our LEAN Governance Model eliminates program roadblocks and accelerates critical decision making, creating full transparency and accountability. This LEAN Governance Model, in conjunction with e4caster® and e4 testing programs, provides executive leadership with complete visibility into the program, and enables leadership to make well-informed decisions about their readiness and the readiness of the system.

StaffingWhen you need skilled expertise for a defined period of time, count on e4’s roster of A-Players to help you accomplish your goals and manage your costs. We provide specific skilled expertise on an as-needed basis so you can get your project accomplished. Employing the highest caliber of industry experts has helped e4 attain an impeccable track record of successful interim staffing placements. e4’s industry-leading IT subject matter experts, thought leaders and specialists are available on an interim basis to provide full services and support for your IT initiatives.

Optimization: e4 can help to identify and prioritize areas for enhancement and implement a comprehensive optimization strategy, providing a full complement of IT and HIM services while supporting ongoing maintenance, upgrades and new project requests. e4 also offers flexible Go-Live Support and Managed Application Support Services services to helps our clients navigate this critical path in their program.

Analytics: e4 is also unique in that we provide our own analytics and dashboard methodology to help you transform your digital insights into a holistic data-driven digital monitoring strategy. While many firms can create a dashboard, only e4 subject matter experts can also help make sense of the data and provide best practices for creating and analyzing the High Impact KPI’s that are most important to your organization.

High Impact KPI Protection, Optimization and Analytics Dashboard Views