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LEAN solutions to improve transparency and accountability of your entire portfolio of projects within 30 days.

One of the greatest areas of “leakage” in healthcare is within the management of their initiatives and Project Management Offices (PMOs).

Project Management Dashboard
Portfolio View illustrates key information (status, dates, gaps…) on every project your organization has in flight…ideal for team and executive summaries.

With heavy governance models, non-agile teams, outdated processes, poor planning methods and too many meetings (and people in meetings), there are myriad opportunities for improvement. Additionally, Enterprise initiatives such as IT projects, adding and digesting clinics, mergers, and regulatory changes create a constant firehose of work that stretches resources thin.

e4 has spent fifteen years studying and experimenting with ways to improve and optimize the management of major healthcare initiatives and Project Management Offices.  Having led and run major EHR conversions, ICD-10 programs, merger and acquisition activities, departmental optimizations, and more, we have seen all the waste, and it is everywhere.  We have relentlessly innovated eliminating that waste – whether by adopting LEAN tools, or building software to eliminate unnecessary steps, or applying innovative methods to getting things done.

The results of that work have led to our innovative LEAN Engineered Agile PMO (LEAP) Approach.  It is a simple but comprehensive approach that stems the leaks and misalignment often seen within organizations and initiatives.  It also provides the foundation to allow organizations to evolve into highly effective and efficient drivers of successful outcomes on a large scale.

This approach can reduce the need for redundant status meetings, and can help establish or optimize your ePMO for sustainable, high-functioning program management and coordination.

e4 LEAN Engineering Agile Programs (LEAP)

LEAP 1 Graphic

LEAP 1 is focused on exposing all the work that is currently underway and enforcing effective project management disciplines along with obtaining executive alignment.   This is typically a 30-Day Sprint that brings visibility to your existing portfolio projects and standardizes how your project status and health is measured. We deploy portfolio management solutions and services, and work with your PMO team for adoption of LEAN project health reporting. 

LEAP 2 Graphic

LEAP 2 focuses on ensuring that your projects are set up for success by putting best practices in place to improve the likelihood of achieving successful business outcomes and results. The time frame is typically 3-4 months, and we introduce an infrastructure that includes solid project management practices along with the concept of a “project management service level agreement” program.

LEAP 3 Graphic

LEAP 3 focuses on optimizing your projects to make sure they are running at maximum efficiency. This stage begins once we know that your projects are running effectively with a track record of successful outcomes. We will work with your team to implement our tools to show and track a project’s “efficiency score” across multiple metrics that we know drive project efficiency. We will also show resource utilization across your entire portfolio of projects to help your organization allocate resources in the most efficient manner possible.

e4caster EHR
Program/Project View drills down into progressively more information on projects, workstreams, deliverables, owners,…regardless of the originating workplan source file type (Project, Excel, Eclipse,…)


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Trinity Health, a non-profit healthcare system located in Minot, ND, recognized they needed to improve how they approached program and project management. “Talent isn’t our issue. We have a fantastic team of highly dedicated resources who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” said David Wanner, System Vice President and CIO at Trinity Health. “We needed a better way to organize, prioritize and manage the work we do.”

e4 partnered with Trinity Health to complete an evaluation of current operations and to build a blueprint for aligning the IT PMO with the organization’s strategic plan. By leveraging LEAN techniques, e4 was able to complete the evaluation in less than two days. “e4’s approach was efficient but thorough,” Wanner added. “They quickly established an understanding of what was really going on and turned around a plan for us to improve our business. They developed a practical roadmap for us to launch a formal Project Management Office and achieve the accountability and visibility our executive team is demanding.”