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Tools and best practices to reduce costs, increase revenue realization and improve quality metrics.

e4 provides a full suite of HIM solutions to reduce costs, optimize workflows and improve quality metrics to take your HIM Department to the next level. Our services include eMPI cleanup, Quality EMR Auditing, full coding and CDI support and HIM Productivity & Metrics Dashboards.

Our founders and leaders are industry recognized HIM veterans. They understand the unique issues you are facing and have created a full range of healthcare solutions crafted with the HIM department specifically in mind. We can help streamline processes and amplify your investments to turn your department from an overburdened and under resourced department into a data driven leader within your organization and community. We’ve successfully helped customers of all shapes and sizes increase efficiency and reduce costs with our scalable LEAN methodology and subject matter expertise.

e4 offers our clients a unique set of traditional HIM services alongside coding and clinical documentation tools and best practices.

Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Inefficient operational processes and workflowsOur LEAN workouts will help you get to the bottom of your issues – quickly! In less than a week, we help your organization identify issues and provide a list of solutions with their associated gains to your organization.
Lack of effective leadershipOur industry veterans bring decades of HIM and Clinical Documentation experience to your organization. Our interim managers will implement best practices and methodologies to get you moving in the right direction.
Staffing for periods of high volume workWe can rapidly deploy teams of experienced scanners, coders, and go-live support teams to support any HIM initiative.
Managing software implementationsOur e4caster® tool and LEAN methodologies bring transparency and accountability to any software initiative.
Poor financial outcomes due to coding and clinical documentation processese4 provides guided clinical mentorship for CDI specialists to provide a catalyst for documentation clarity and specificity. Our techniques and tools for implementing best practices and data visualization ensure sustained improvements and program effectiveness.

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