HIM Productivity & Metrics Dashboards

Rev Cycle KPI

Reduce costs, optimize workflows, and improve quality metrics to help take your HIM Department to the next level.

Analytics dashboards are critical to providing key insights to help executives make more informed decisions. However the tools are only as powerful as the methodology behind the data. e4 provides all-inclusive, interactive dashboards reduce costs, optimize workflows, and improve quality metrics.

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL: Easily view the status of each project in your department, quickly learn the status of tasks and milestones, and identify roadblocks and critical pathways.
  • PRODUCTIVITY TOOL: Comprehensive productivity dashboard where employees can enter their data in realtime for any time/quantity functions, allowing management to effectively manage productivity standards and pull easily filtered reports for any statistic in your department quality metrics.
  • CODING AUDITING TOOL: Versatile coding quality auditing tool providing detailed analysis and customizable reporting for any audit type, including ProFee, Inpatient, Outpatient and ED. Quickly analyze reimbursement and coding summary information, easily search for specific encounters and access recommended educational opportunities.
  • HIM METRICS: Pull source data from different systems to display all of your most important HIM metrics in one place. Quickly analyze HIM KPI’s for Coding, CDI, Document Imaging, Deliquency, DNFB, eMPI, Release of Information, EMR Quality Auditing, Scanning, Transcription and more.