Backlog Remediation and Prevention Services


Eliminate Document Queue Backlogs with Full-Service Delivery, Scanning, Indexing & Abstraction

Even the most prepared organizations can encounter document queue backlogs. That’s why it’s important to have a backup team “at the ready”, in case volumes escalate and you need to fix the problem quickly.

e4’s team of experienced remediation consultants can be instantly deployed to bring you backlog down to desired levels. e4 analysts are versed in all major EMRs, and can provide full scanning, indexing, routing, verification, and abstraction services. e4 can also provide training and education support to your team to ensure effective document management strategies are adopted across your Enterprise.

Through e4’s extensive work providing document management support, we have compiled the following document management transitioning tips:


AI Software Takes Time to Learn – Plan Accordingly

AI software takes time to refine itself to the formats in and outside of your health network. Organizations should have a plan in place (including third party support resources) at go-live to avoid backlogs.​​

Survey + Simplify = Success

Are you adding new facilities to your system? Have you done assessments for each office? Have you looked at processes, workflows, and volumes? While sometimes overlooked, these surveys are critically important to understanding each site’s level of preparedness.

Standardization is Critical

Dedicate a team to a standard workflow. Utilizing a crosswalk or standard workflow/forms guide will help to unify each group on common workflows and policies, reducing errors and end user frustration.

Be Prepared with Backup Support

Be prepared with a team (internal or third party) that can be “at the ready” in case volumes escalate beyond anticipated numbers. This will help your staff focus on core business needs, such as patient care and system adoption.​

Adopt Adequate Training Methods

Trickle down training can ensure efficient training methods are shared among your work teams. Qualified, trained leaders can gather needed data and help determine if teams are adequately prepared. These leaders can also facilitate strategic communications and ensure dissemination and adoption of educational tools and policies.​

Expect the unexpected. The best plan is to be ready for anything. Having e4’s expert document management support team in your corner will ensure that your staff will be able to focus on patient care and system adoption. Contact e4 today to learn more.