DNFB Services

Rev Cycle Services

Solutions to ensure Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) accounts are in line with organizational goals.

 e4 can provide both one time clean-up and correction of root cause issues. e4 can reduce DNFB within 4-6 weeks to improve monthly financial statement and cash flow.

e4 will evaluate and correct issues with the following:

  1. Prioritization of high dollar accounts
  2. Escalation of physician delinquencies
  3. Management of outsourced coding vendors
  4. Measure and Monitor productivity of outsourced and internal coding staff
  5. Review of Coding process and system functionality
  6. Review of query process and resolution
  7. Aligning Coding with CDI initiatives


Improved DNFB by $25 million in 5 weeks. Program Dashboard provides transparency and accountability around complex projects; eliminating gaps and aligning stakeholders while reducing program management time as much as 40%. Fill out our contact form at the right of this page to learn more.