Medical Records

e4 provides document management services with LEAN, collaborative methodology that rapidly identifies gaps and waste and employs transparency and accountability to dramatically improve productivity and quality.


The e4 Approach

Migration Software and Services e4exporter provides software to assist customers migrate data and images to new imaging systems such as Hyland OnBase, Perceptive ImageNow, etc. e4 provides planning, management and data validation for migration projects.
Project Management Project Management of Document Management System install.
Best Practice Tools Best practice tools include: workflow analysis, staffing plan, forms inventory management, staff productivity and grading tools, job descriptions, policies and procedures, testing plans, training plans, dashboards, etc.
e4caster® Dashboards e4’s proprietary software, e4caster®,tracks daily, weekly, monthly and yearly productivity and quality metrics. The e4 dashboard tracks best practice indicators and measurements against those metrics.
Interface Services e4 provides services to assist with new interfaces that need to be created, problem shoot interfaces and testing interfaces that may not be working correctly.
Temporary Staffing Support Temporary prepping, scanning and quality checking services during or post go-live, as well as temporary HIM department Operations Managers.
Testing Services Comprehensive testing plans that includes both vendor and customer tasks that need to be tested before go-lives and upgrades. e4 also provides the necessary staff both onsite and remotely to provide testing services.
Optimization Services Post go-live optimization of workflow and system configuration.
Ongoing Support Services Support services for Document Management System including filing and bursting, configuration changes and answering questions about the system.
Auditing Software and Services e4auditorTM audits your system for the following items: job status, batch folder, reject folder, orphaned encounters, corrupt documents, AIS batch issues, record completion issues, etc. e4 providers remediation services to correct issues.
Staffing Grading Services e4 provides a standard 12-14 week grading program post go-live to ensure a smooth transition with a focus on productivity and quality.
Training and Education Comprehensive on-site education.