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Data integrity in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is fast becoming a top priority at healthcare organizations. An Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) clean up a key part of a successful EHR implementation or conversion, as the effect of existing duplicate medical record numbers can result in severe adverse patient care outcomes. e4 has an experienced team of medical records experts that have led successful eMPI remediation initiatives at multiple organizations across the country. eMPI initiatives have become very popular with our clients because, when using a leading eMPI clean up vendor like e4, they save money, increase the level of patient care and satisfaction, and gain clinician EHR support.

In addition to one-time clean ups, e4 also provides eMPI Ongoing Maintenance Services, including remediation and governance support as an ongoing managed service to help clients maintain data integrity and ensure a clean, accurate eMPI.

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Why Choose e4 for your eMPI Remediation Project?

  • 100% Referenceable, Satisfied Clients
  • Simple, Technology-Driven Approach
  • Transparency throughout the Project – Key Performance Indicators
  • Achieve a Duplicate Rate of <1% – Guaranteed!
  • NO ONE Will Start Faster

e4 distinguishes itself with a unique ability to not only lead and correct the eMPI issues, but also to assist in identifying and solving the underlying causes of further duplicate creations. Our unique quality analysis and ongoing support of patient access workflows, coupled with LEAN methodologies, will ensure a low duplicate medical record rate going forward.

It is estimated that a single healthcare facility can have between a 5% and 20% duplicate medical record rate, and up to a 40% DMRN rate at a multi-entity organization.

Source: MPI Clean Up: It’s a Must!

e4 is also able to provide the best in class eMPI identity matching software solution (offered through our exclusive partnership with Lyniate). This partnership aligns Lyniate’s market-leading Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) platform with e4’s complementary health information management and data clean up services to quickly and cost-effectively resolve medical record duplicates and overlays. By combining their experience and proven capabilities into a single approach for patient identity and record remediation, Lyniate and e4 can support providers with an end-to-end offering that resolves even the most contaminated systems to fast-track critical patient safety improvements and data-driven decision making.

e4’s experienced team of medical records experts have executed numerous successful, on-time, on-budget eMPI clean up initiatives for leading healthcare organizations across the US.

  • e4 provides remote or onsite services to assist healthcare organizations in duplicate identification, comprehensive record merge services, and identifying and remediating the underlying causes of the duplicate.
  • Our experts are experienced in a vast majority of EHR systems, including Cerner, Soarian, Epic, MEDITECH, McKesson, IDX, and numerous downstream systems.
  • e4 will conduct an Initial Impact Assessment that will detail the scope of remediation and the associated timeline to desired levels.
  • All eMPI Management projects include: Quality checking, interactive dashboards, productivity statistics, and detailed status reports. In addition to e4’s patient identity experts, the inclusion of an executive sponsor, project manager, and quality manager will ensure a successful and on-time initiative.

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