HIM Interim Management and Staffing


When you have an interim staffing need, not only do you need a resource fast, but you need a qualified, experienced expert that can positively impact your organization. e4 will provide you with a credentialed resource experienced in a variety of settings, hospital sizes and case mixes. Importantly, our expert will have access to critical e4 executive support to provide insights and expertise to ensure the success of your departmental goals. We can perform a LEAN HIM Assessment to assess departmental workflows and functions to help identify strengths and weaknesses and provide solutions to optimize your organization.

Traditional Challenges

The e4 Solution

Unqualified, Inexperienced Staffing Resources e4’s qualified, credentialed experts will apply their extensive knowledge to address all your departmental needs. Our HIM Industry Experts always provide best practice solutions.
Rigid Staffing Terms   e4 recognizes that all situations are different, and that our success is based on your satisfaction. We will partner with you to design a timeline and flexible plan that is mutually beneficial.
Lack of Executive Support e4 Interim Experts can count on e4’s extensive, knowledgable executive support and assistance throughout your interim engagement to quickly provide solutions to any issue that arises.
No Optimization Assessment By performing the e4 LEAN HIM Assessment to analyze current state, our experts can report on recommended improvements and drive the implementation of those enhancements.
No Permanent Staffing Solution e4 will work to identify the best path forward for you. We will help you find the right permanent candidate and can support permanent candidate sourcing and the selection process.