Quality EMR Auditing Services

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Targeted validation and auditing service to ensure an accurate and complete EMR is achieved.

High quality clinical documentation helps facilitate high quality care. It is important to know what areas of risk may be present, and how those deficiencies can be mitigated. Inaccurate data can lead to errors, threaten patient safety and can lead to increased costs, inefficiencies, and poor financial performance. Our Quality EMR Auditing Service identifies all errors in your current EMR, and assesses a weighted point value to calculate your total accuracy percentage to evaluate whether you are achieving an accurate, quality EMR. In addition to identifying your error score, we can provide recommendations for improvement and help remediate identified issues.

Utilizing targeted validation and quality auditing services to identify missing data and misplaced data, techniques can be altered to ensure that the goal of an accurate and complete EMR is met. Our validation methodologies include the auditing of a sample size of in-scope patients.

e4 can review records across multiple subspecialties, with a set sample of records per provider. Records reviewed can include Inpatient, ED Admits, Ambulatory Surgery, Observation and more. e4 will review for crtical errors (patient safety risk), major errors (document integrity risk) and minor errors (grammar, typography etc.). Once the errors have been identified, appropriately classified, and the weighted point value is assigned to the errors, mathematical computations are completed to calculate the accuracy percentage. Due to the impact of potential documentation errors on patient care, e4 recommends a minimum score of 98% accuracy be required for all documents.

Detailed audit results and customized data summary reports are provided, which can demonstrate key patterns and opportunities for improvement.