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Providing full services and support for healthcare IT initiatives.

e4 pairs innovative, analytically-driven methodology with industry-leading IT subject matter experts and thought leaders to deliver a full suite of complementary IT services.

Our diverse team of experienced healthcare IT professionals help our customers solve their most challenging initiatives. Our team of former CIO’s, managers and experienced IT consultants combine LEAN methodologies and innovative tools to provide creative and effective solutions for our customers’ IT needs.

Traditional ChallengesThe e4 Solution
Increasing demands on staff to meet operational, financial, and regulatory requirements.e4’s industry experienced team members can bring proven practices and lessons learned to assist and supplement your team.
Missed or redundant work, repeated efforts, additional resources, and unexpected cost.The e4 project management approach utilizes LEAN to eliminate waste and create simple, accessible dashboards to align teams, lower cost and increase success rate.
Difficult go-live events with costly operational impacts resulting from lack of visibility into organizational readiness.Proven and repeatable testing services managed through e4caster® dashboard give unparalleled visibility into go-live readiness.
Overwhelming demands and directions from biased stakeholders and vendors.Trusted, independent advisory partner that can help organizational leadership simplify work.

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IT Staffing

e4’s industry-leading IT subject matter experts, thought leaders and specialists are available on an interim basis to provide full services and support for your IT initiatives.