Having facilitated hundreds of different types of live events, we have engineered a proven template for executing successful Go-Live initiatives.

e4’s Go-Live expertise includes technical areas such as data migration, infrastructure, testing, and device deployment. Our vast experience includes supporting a multitude of extensive system integration projects to ensure interfaces, file transfers, data migration, device integration and other means for system communication are in place at Go-Live to support operational needs across different systems and platforms. We also support command center design and management and ticketing and issue management. e4 has worked with multiple clients utilizing vendor models for transitioning to client support for implemented applications.

Utilize e4’s Go-Live Planning Checklist and Resources to help ensure the success of your live event. Go-Live considerations we plan for include space requirements, technical requirements, communications/planning, supplies, schedules, food, issue reporting and tracking, floor support processes, outside vendors, transportation and parking, hotels, dress code, and much more. By providing our “ranges of consideration,” our consultative approach ensures that your comprehensive staffing plan is based on proven resourcing ratios to ensure proper command center support is allocated. e4 will ensure that resources available can expediently diagnose training issues and provide retraining as needed.

Go-Live Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR)

With the financial investment that accompanies the deployment of EHR software (such as Epic or Cerner), proper planning, coordination and testing is critical to mitigate hardware and device issues at go-live that can impact both end users and patients. Consider the frustration and negative impact on the ability to deliver patient care if end users are unable to complete workflows, print labels, order requirements, scan medications and more. Device failure, namely printing, is often one of the most reported issues during a go-live.

A Technical Dress Rehearsal can greatly reduce the number of device related issues encountered during a go live, and help ensure patient care is not impacted by delays in specimen collection, label printing and other critical device needs. A well-run TDR event will ensure that come go live, hardware issues are minimal and everyone can focus on patient care and resolving workflow issues.

At e4, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work that we’ve performed and on the successful outcomes out clients have achieved.  Utilizing e4 for TDR coordination will ensure that come go-live, hardware issues are minimal and everyone can focus on patient care and resolving workflow issues.

Service Overview:

  • Technology Targeted Coordinated Testing Event
  • Validates Printing and Scanning Configurations Before Go-Live
  • Generally Performed Across the Entire Enterprise 8-10 Weeks Prior to Go-Live