Integration Architect Services for Millennium

IA Services

Expert decision support to help avoid frustration with end users, save money, and ensure domain stability.

During an implementation and in the post-live environment, organizations that don’t have a strong, experienced Integration Architect can struggle with technical decision-making and change control. However, not every organization can commit to a fulltime IA resource.

That’s why e4 provides three tiers of IA services, to watch over all silos to make informed technical decisions around your Millennium solution, helping you avoid frustration with end users, save money and ensure the stability of your Millennium domain.

  • Full IA Managed Services: Our team of IA’s serves as the client’s IA and handles all responsibilities of the IA
  • Shared IA Managed Services: Our team works in a shared/mentor role along with a developing client IA
  • Mentor/Retained Services: Our teams serves as a backup and available resource to the client’s IA

The most subtle of changes can impact the stability of your entire platform. Count on vast experience and technical competency to support your organization.