IT Staffing


e4 provides industry-leading IT subject matter experts, thought leaders, and specialists to support your most challenging IT initiatives.

When you need skilled expertise for a defined period of time, count on e4’s roster of A-Players to help you accomplish your goals and manage your costs. We provide specific skilled expertise on an as-needed basis so you can get your project accomplished. Employing the highest caliber of industry experts has helped e4 attain an impeccable track record of successful interim staffing placements.

Technology and Integration Interim Resources Available:

  • Integration Architects
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Testing Coordinators, Testing Directors
  • Workflow Designers
  • KPI Protection Experts

Our experts will work with you to identify gaps and help tailor a cost-effective resource plan that best fits your needs. Through our LEAN a3 work sessions, we can help you identify areas of need and help develop a plan for success.