Rapid a3 Process Improvement Work Sessions

LEAN Process

Rapidly brainstorm and design new Future State and Action Plans – for any problem.

Need a very quick way to immediately make process changes and align around action?

Try e4’s approach using LEAN a3 work sessions (no prior LEAN experience required)! The sessions typically take 4-8 hours and e4 has done hundreds of them to date. Fast and aligned, with no prep work required – perfect for the rapid changes being dictated by COVID-19 – and part of the journey to Healthcare 2.0!

How does it work? e4 facilitates the (virtual if needed) work session using subject matter experts to bring an industry-wide perspective to local situations. e4 helps decide on attendees, and from there, facilitates the group though the exercise of creating a LEAN a3 ‘roadmap’. The a3 is essentially a comprehensive 1-page action plan to move forward on any process improvement or cost reduction initiative.

Most importantly, the roadmap is jointly created by your best people, and they ‘walk out of the room’ aligned and committed to their solution. It doesn’t get any better, or any faster!