Tools and methodologies to optimize revenue realization for our clients.

e4 provides innovative tools and methodologies to help our clients complete projects, optimize metrics and adapt quickly to change.

e4 takes a LEAN, innovative, results oriented approach to revenue cycle support.


Service Closer Look:

Revenue Cycle Productivity Analytics

e4sight™ is a Quality and Productivity Dashboard that enables Revenue Cycle executives to gain detailed insight into staff operational productivity. By analyzing trends of productive vs. non-productive time; you can quickly intervene and remove barriers to productivity. e4sight™ helps you identify the trends that are impacting the quality and productivity of work for any Revenue Cycle function, so you can manage more effectively. Capture productivity data for any function, monitor by user, team and by department, track analytics over time to identify trends and improve awareness of areas needing improvement.

Revenue Cycle Applications

Patient Access
•       Scheduling/Registration Rate
•       Registration Rate

Patient Accounting/Financial Services
•      Billing Edit Resolution Rate
•      Follow-Up Rate

Physician and Provider Credentialing

While many people in healthcare systems or physician practices appreciate the importance of health insurance plan credentialing, few understand the timeline and negative financial impact when the process fails. Without the proper workflow, oversight, communication and follow-up, credentialing applications can (and often do) get lost in health insurance plan “black holes”.

e4 has developed our credentialing service line to leverage decades of experience with both health insurance plans and health systems. Whether you are experiencing issues in certain credentialing aspects or need to LEAN Engineer your entire operation, e4 can provide the industry knowledge and insight you need to achieve your organizational goals.

e4’s credentialing and re-credentialing processes covers all medical providers. Responsible for ensuring providers are credentialed, appointed, and privileged with health plans. e4 will maintain up-to-date data for each provider in credentialing databases and online systems and ensure timely renewal of licenses and certifications.


  • Compile and maintains current and accurate data for all providers.
  • Complete provider credentialing and re-credentialing applications; monitors applications and follows-up as needed.
  • Maintain copies of current state licenses, DEA certificates, malpractice coverage and any other required credentialing documents for all providers.
  • Maintain corporate provider contract files.
  • Maintain knowledge of current health plan and agency requirements for credentialing providers.
  • Tracks license and certification expirations for all providers to ensure timely renewals. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of provider information. 

For those organizations that have an internal credentialing team, try including e4’s Productivity Tracking tool, e4sight™. This software is web-based service with minimal manual intervention. Managers and Executives can monitor their teams output compared to organization specific goals or industry benchmarks.

Revenue Cycle Edit Work Queue Optimization

During the conversion and post go-live timeframe, there is inevitably a large number of “edits” that must be worked by an individual to move an encounter to the billing state of the revenue cycle process. Many facilities struggle with the volume of encounters that need moved to the billing state of the revenue cycle process. Furthermore, the education required to quickly resolve these encounters takes time and effort.

e4 has developed an edit resolution workflow that is not only aimed at resolving the edits but training and educating the client’s staff that allows the client to be self-proficient within 30-60 days from our process implementation.

e4 utilizes homegrown productivity tool, e4sight™, which captures data that enables e4 to offer custom staff augmentation/support services related to revenue cycle operations. Our goal is to provide clients with support services during critical times and get them back to a stable state before ending our engagement. Through e4sight™, users can capture individual performance or productivity by various roles or operations, and adapt operations accordingly. e4 Revenue Cycle can also provide the exact turnaround time and target recovery timeframes based on e4sight™ analytics.

With a simple LEAN Engineering People, Process and Technology approach, e4 helped one client reduce the number of encounters in the Insurance Verification work queue from 6,617 to 427, a 94% reduction in 30 days (Download the case study).

By helping to train and educate staff on potential errors being made, e4 can help optimize your pre and post-bill edit resolution process.