Clinically-Driven Revenue Cycle Validation/Charge Auditing

Charge Auditing

How confident is your organization that all charges and revenue capture has been accounted for within your implementation?

Make sure you know before it is too late for your organization. One of the top reasons for delays in live dates is that organizations do not realize that not all their charges and revenue have been accounted for. Additionally, industry articles are littered with organizations plagued by major losses in revenue due to finding missed charges after go-live.

The “model” rollout methodology leaves organizations exposed and prone to major gaps. We’ve identified on average 20-30% “missing” charges/revenue capture even after organizations have been through 2-4 rounds of Integrated Testing. That represents hundreds of millions in potential “missing” revenue! How does e4 help? Our 3 C’s approach!

Three C's Chart

e4 is positioned to help your team with the “3 C’s”, and provide the Subject Matter Expert to help to rapidly remediate gaps and issues found to keep your team and program on track for a successful live.