Are you getting paid what you think you should be getting paid?

Dealing with payment discrepancies from your contracted health insurance plans is a difficult and tedious process. How can you pinpoint where payment issues are happening until you validate your contract management system is pricing health services correctly? The first step in the process is to ensure your facility’s internal system and processes are working correctly. Then you can address the external factors that impact pricing.

How e4 helps you maximize payer contracts:

  • Review of managed care contracts and compensation schedules
  • Analysis of payment variance and denials reports
  • Construction of Contract Catalog, Contract Calendar & supporting tools

These steps are proven to maximize payer contracts to increase reimbursement, generate ROI, and maintain effective business processes. e4 will also help identify cash shortfalls by conducting root cause analysis. We can help devise a long-term AR recovery solution, and provide assistance in recovering lost revenue.