Telehelp Patient Help Desk

help desk

Technology coaching and support services to help patients complete their virtual visits

The success of your Telehealth program for your patients and care providers will be predicated on the ease of use and reliability of your telehealth process. We will preview your upcoming telehealth appointment schedule and proactively call each patient to make sure the patient has the appropriate technology (phones, WIFI, applications, versions, etc.) and are comfortable using it prior to the appointment. This includes helping them download any software or applications that they need, instruct them on proper use and navigate patient portals and EMRs.

e4 will also educate each patient to make sure they are aware of the remote engagement process and how they should initiate and conduct the session. We will also conduct a test run with them to make sure everything is working correctly prior to meeting with your clinicians. Having patients that are knowledgeable about your processes and comfortable with their technology will reduce the number of cancelled visits and improve the remote clinical experience for everyone involved.