Text to Pay

text to pay

Our mobile payment solution can increase revenue collection while improving patient satisfaction and convenience.

The increase in co-insurance and deductible is putting more burden on the patient. Furthermore, over-charging patients erodes credibility and satisfaction with the patient. With the widespread use of mobile devices and the need for social distancing, contactless payment options are more important than ever for healthcare providers. Customers prefer and respond to brief, efficient exchanges of information, and the organizations that provide multiple pathways for patients to pay their cost share will dramatically boost collection rates and improve speed to pay.

Text to Pay is a best-in-class solution to assist provider organizations who are looking to layer mobile payment technology into their operations. With no mobile app required, this frictionless solution eases the burden on billing departments, reducing phone call volume and costly paper mail. e4 possesses over a decade of experience in helping provider organizations to utilize software to optimize programs, and will work with each client to customize a mobile payment program built to last.